Homeowners’ Corner

Noise in Vehicle:

Chapter 88 of the City Code: (d) Noise, Sound Amplification or Commotion in Vehicles. To make a commotion, amplify sound, or make unnecessary loud noises which are audible more than 50 feet from the vehicle […] is subject to up to 90 days in jail and/or $500 fine.

Complaints: Call 524-3477.


Bicycle Headlights:

Chapter 106, 6.20 mandates headlights on “every bicycle” when in use at nighttime which can be seen at least 500 feet. It also mandates red reflectors on back. Violation is a civil infraction.


Sprinkler Use:

In an effort to control costs relating to water usage, the Troy City Council has recently approved a recommended ordinance to restrict the run time of underground irrigation systems, such as sprinkler systems. Effective since June 5, 2008, underground irrigation systems must run only between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am daily. This change of timing will decrease the amount of peak hour water use and can translate into an approximate $500,000 annual savings for water users in the City of Troy.


Recycling Information:

See file attached below for Refuse & Recycling information from the City of Troy.


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